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I am an accomplished Executive Leadership Coach and a Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist, and I’m passionate about helping individuals recover from loss and live fulfilling, joyful lives. My journey to grief recover began after experiencing significant losses in my life, and the pain of those losses stayed with me even though I thought I had dealt with them.


When I was a freshman in college, my mother was diagnosed with liver cancer, and I was devastated by the news. Although I was able to spend time with her before her passing, the loss left a significant hole in my heart and life. After college, I moved to Atlanta, GA, to start my career in advertising and begin my new life as a married woman. However, my joy was short-lived when my first child, Liam, was stillborn. I was heartbroken, and my pain was compounded when I went through a difficult divorce shortly after.​


These experiences opened my eyes to the complex emotions that come with loss and the impact it can have on one’s life. This led me to become a Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist, and my clients appreciate my compassionate and understanding approach to grief. I share my journey with them and create a safe space for them to process their incomplete emotions using The Grief Recovery Method, the only evidence-based grief recovery program in the world.

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