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Life coaching has been such a great experience for me! Jenn has really helped me realize habits and patterns and ways I’ve been getting in my own way for so long, and helped me figure out ways to change these long-standing behaviors. 

I am very grateful to be working with life coach Jennifer O'Connor. Her guidance has helped to open up new productive modes of thought, allowing me to tap into my essence and purpose.

 I just wanted to say what an amazing coach Jenn is.  She has helped me see clearly  the things that I'm avoiding or putting in my own way of being successful. 

Enlightening, compassionate, engaging, sensitive and smart— just some of the words that I would use to describe Jenn and the coaching I received. Jenn was able to give me concrete tools that helped me gain a clear path to reaching my goals.

“If you say so, Bridget.” Jenn said a lot of really powerful things to me during our coaching, but somehow this phrase broke chains I didn’t even know were holding me down.

Jenn came into my life at just the right time with just the right guidance and perspective and positive support. 

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