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Jenn is a talented Coach and I absolutely love working with her. She is an outstanding source of wisdom and strength and helps me bring out my very best as I courageously pursue (and accomplish!) my professional and personal goals.


I was recently a part of Jenn's Grief Recovery Method Program, and it was amazing. The deepest realizations and healings came from this work and Jenn guided us with honesty, wisdom, and gentleness. Most importantly, she created a space to help us feel supported and safe to share. This work is so needed and now I have tools to continue the work on my own. We're all so lucky as she continues to grow, she shares her gifts with the world. 



I had never considered the need for a coaching experience before, but Jenn proved to be the perfect entry point for me. 

Jenn is obviously well experienced, qualified, and credentialed. More than that though, she is a genuine partner who knows how to let you lead the journey while still providing the structure necessary to identify and achieve goals. 

I would recommend Jenn to any person who is looking to examine what they want their life to be and the concrete goals they can set to get there.


I didn’t really know what to expect going into the first meeting of the grief recovery method. I (like many people) think/thought of grief as only being associated with the death of a loved one. Jenn Andreou  quickly made me realize death is only one kind of grief, and the feeling of loss for my childhood after my parents divorce was a other type of grief.


Jenn has the most passionate, loving and understanding heart with listening ears that I have ever seen. Her amazingly kind heart, the respect without judgement she gave to each of us made it easier and less scary to go through this program. I feel with Jenn’s help I have been able to say good-bye to the pain, loss and fear I have been holding on to for so many years around my parents divorce. I also feel better equipped to face future challenges, emotions and loss with the tools she has provided. Jenn has given me a peacefulness in my heart and soul that I have not felt in many years.


I cannot say enough about Jenn’s ability to reach each person in the place we were, with all the different types of grief we brought into the sessions, she was able to focus on what we needed.


I will be forever grateful to Jenn and for this life-changing method of handling grief and loss.



I never thought coaching was for me but I wanted a new tool to bring new results and new results are exactly what coaching provided! It was amazing to discover that the investment in myself, would change the perspective of everything else. Identifying why certain things were a challenge and looking at things differently, opened a whole new world of possibilities and accomplishment. Jenn and her navigational skills throughout the conversations of the coaching process, are truly life changing. I will take down my Springboard Coaching Facebook Page and use my own personal one.


Jenn is a phenomenal coach and facilitator who somehow makes the work of grieving seem lighter. She is a "heart with ears" who held space to truly get curious about so many of the loss events I've experienced that I hadn't even realized I was still carrying around or even categorized as grief. With her support, I've become clearer on what grief actually looks like in my behavior and how it feels in my body. Jenn has helped me to feel empowered to face those often-fearful areas of my past and memories, from the passing of important people in my life to losses in career and important relationships. Working with Jenn gave me permission to create time and space to feel my feelings, write them out, give them voice, and have them heard. This has allowed my feelings to be fully experienced, rather than intellectualized, so they can pass through and finally be released. 

I feel so much lighter after working with Jenn. I now have an effective process along with the support to bravely face all types of loss and effectively grieve and release them. Who would have thought I could look forward to grieving loss?


I recently completed the Grief Recovery Method Program led by Jenn. It was a great experience. It allowed me to process the passing of my mother as well as other losses in my life. Jenn is an outstanding coach and facilitator. She gracefully held me accountable and provided me support when the work got tough, and I wanted to stop. I am grateful for the care she showed me and all the participants so that we got the experience and outcomes we needed from the program. I highly recommend the Grief Recovery Method Program with Jenn for anyone experiencing grief whether it is from the passing of a loved one, a divorce, a lost career, or any other loss. You won't regret it.


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