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where parenthood
and work intersect

LUMO provides specialized support for parents in the workforce, empowering them to achieve professional and personal success. By providing customized programs and resources tailored to the needs of parents, we help both employees and employers thrive.


Our programs include coaching, education, and practical tools designed to support parents through every stage of their journey - from pregnancy to parenthood and beyond. We offer flexible solutions that fit the needs of each individual and their family, helping them balance work and life and achieve their goals.


With LUMO, employers can expect higher retention rates, increased productivity, and improved job satisfaction among their employees. By investing in the well-being of their employees and supporting them through their parenting journey, employers demonstrate their commitment to creating a positive and supportive work environment.


As one of LUMO's Executive Coaches, I am available to answer any questions and provide additional information about our programs and services. With years of experience in coaching and supporting working parents in the workforce, LUMO has the expertise and knowledge to help you and your team achieve success.

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